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  1. Kitaxe says:The Black Spiral Dancer surrounds herself in a toxic miasma strong enough to cause even a human’s dull sense of smell to pick up the reek of a lethal stew of mercury, sulfuric acid, formaldehyde, and countless other chemicals. The message is clear: the Dancer is death, and should not be trifled with. A Halassh teaches this Gift.
  2. Bram says:Accessible through the Temple Obscura, this horrific Umbral labyrinth is the most sacred place to the fallen werewolves known as the Black Spiral Dancers for the act of walking through the Labyrinth and facing its mysteries is often called " dancing ", hence, this Black Spiral is not only the place from which they draw their names, but all their madness as well, since every single one of the Dancers .
  3. Daran says:Appearance: Most Black Spiral Dancers are hideous and disturbing creatures. Their human forms tend to appear pale and unhealthy, with oily or scraggly hair and pallid skin. Many have open, weeping sores from the constant exposure to Balefires.
  4. Tygorr says:The Black Spiral Dancers of Caerleon are not for the faint of heart. They are complex to play and exist as antagonists. Having them in the chronicle as PCs is an experiment; while canonical BSDs are capable of every imaginable atrocity and depravity, please use good judgement in what gets roleplayed out (even in PR) and make sure that everyone in the scene is comfortable. Choose .
  5. Vizuru says:6 (Legend) Zhyzhak is controversially regarded as the most powerful werewolf of the World of Darkness. She is an insane homid Black Spiral Dancer Ahroun Legend, who dresses in bizarre dominatrix gear which she never bothers to ciamaritepeana.healthzbervaastafelatnurvijobasgayrei.coance: Wyrm.
  6. Yolkree says:Undergoing the Rite of Transmogrification is the greatest award a Black Spiral Dancer can attain. When this rite is performed on her, she is recast back into the Black Spiral Labyrinth. This time, a great challenge awaits the Dancer on each circle.
  7. Meztizshura says:Black Spiral Dancers have lived underground among foul and cancerous children of the Wyrm for centuries. Their caerns, called Hives, are nestled amidst labyrinthine cave systems, most of which are filled with industrial waste and monstrous things. Most Black Spiral Dancers are hideous and disturbing creatures.
  8. Zule says:Jan 11,  · I'm running a crossover campaign and I want to use some Black Spiral Dancers as some muscle for the bad guys. I don't have my Werewolf book with me, but I was trying to stat out some BSD's. Thought someone on here might have some typical stats for a .

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